Case Study

Innovation Drives a Chain’s Loyalty
Program and a 14-Year Partnership

Client Looks to Curtis 1000 for Strategic Solutions and Execution


One of the nation’s largest convenience store chains needed a partner to produce and distribute loyalty cards as part of a rewards program. Customers use their cards to accumulate loyalty points and redeem them to buy merchandise from the chain’s convenience stores and to receive discounts on gasoline.

Due to the client’s extensive growth through acquisition, the partnering organization needed to develop an innovative solution to provide a large quantity of loyalty cards in a short time frame. In addition, the cards needed to be durable, since many customers use their cards multiple times a day.


Curtis 1000 has supported production and management of the chain’s loyalty program materials since 2004, and the ability to evolve in order to meet the client’s rapidly changing needs has been a hallmark of a relationship that has lasted 14 years and counting. For example, the first card was extremely durable and relatively expensive, which became an issue as card volume increased. To save costs, Curtis 1000 seamlessly transitioned to a new lighter-weight material that didn’t sacrifice durability — and reduced costs for our client by 30%.


By finding flexible options for producing and distributing millions of cards, Curtis 1000 has become a trusted partner in helping the client boost revenue from repeat sales and increase profits based on the program-related cost savings. The loyalty program also serves as a platform to gather data about consumers and, better yet, surprise and delight them with personalized communications and targeted offers.