Case Study

Custom Online Ordering Platform
Streamlines Franchise Rebranding

Robust System Supports Both New Store Openings and Existing Store Retrofits


A large fast-casual restaurant franchise was having issues with its current print vendor’s online ordering system. The vendor was struggling to keep up with 3,500+ users and 1,300 SKUs and required the client to alter print materials to fit the platform. The ordering system also offered no reporting of any kind, leaving the fast-growing restaurant chain without critical demographic, inventory or usage data. Compounding these issues was a company-wide rebranding initiative that entailed launching new stores with revised branding materials while simultaneously transitioning existing stores to the new look.


Our first observation was the client needed a powerful and intuitive ordering system, not a one-size-fits-all solution based on reducing unit prices through storing huge inventories. Curtis 1000’s custom online ordering platform offered an ideal mechanism for supporting the wide variety of printed products needed by all franchisees, both those opening new locations and as operators of existing stores. As a print-on-demand environment, Curtis’ ordering platform would enable the client to accelerate its rebranding initiative and quickly achieve brand consistency across the entire chain of stores.


The sophisticated print platform implemented by Curtis has accelerated the client’s rebranding effort, serving both the 1,600 stores undertaking the brand retrofit as well as the new stores opening with revised branding already in place. Franchisees have a comprehensive assortment of printed materials at their fingertips — everything from wall murals, banners and menu boards to décor items supporting the new brand such as vestibule artwork and surfboards for store ceilings.

The system also generates detailed usage and inventory reports to aid the company’s decision-making. By combining the efficiency of a single-source print provider with leading-edge ordering technology, Curtis is helping the client sustain its rapid growth trajectory.