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Is It Time to Replace
Your Trade Show Booth?

Stand Out from the Competition

Think back to the last trade show you attended. Were you envious of the modern display stands and high-resolution graphics you saw? Or maybe you’re planning your company’s first event and know the tired, worn-out equipment you have just won’t cut it. Either way, it might be time to put your current trade show booth to rest and develop something new.

Trade shows are big business. In the U.S. alone, they generate almost $13 billion annually. Between exhibit fees, giveaways, and booth creation, design, storage and shipping, it’s no surprise that costs can skyrocket quickly.

That’s why it’s critical to evaluate several factors before deciding whether to replace your current booth. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your exhibit look worn? Do you have peeling corners, fraying threads or other damage? Broken and disintegrating displays don’t reflect well on your organization.
  2. How does your color scheme look? Are you a high-tech business using ’80s puce in your exhibit? Learn more about the hot colors for this autumn and winter to ensure your color choices are spot on.
  3. Have you introduced a new brand? New branding should encompasses both look and feel, so be sure your exhibit and booth showcase new messaging.
  4. Did your business grow or shrink since the last time you used your exhibit? You might want to adjust the size of your display to accurately reflect your current status.
  5. Did other people compliment someone else’s exhibit but stay silent about yours at the last show you attended?
  6. Do you need to accommodate new or different technology in your booth?
  7. Have you shifted company direction, or are you showcasing new or different products? Make sure your exhibit conveys the best possible face of your company.

According to Exhibitor Magazine’s 2018 Marketing Technology Survey,
84% of exhibitors are using various technologies inside their trade show exhibits.

If you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a new booth or exhibit, consider these key points:

  • Set a budget that factors in the ancillary costs for exhibiting at a show — travel and expenses, giveaways, equipment rentals, etc.
  • Will you need TV screens or monitors? Don’t forget to factor in the costs of renting that equipment.
  • Find an experienced and trusted partner who will collaborate with you to design, create and ship your new booth.
  • What will you do with your booth post-show? Figure out where to store it and be sure to include any storage costs in your budget.
  • What about your old display? There are many options including reusing pieces or parts of it, recycling it, selling it or trashing it. You might not want to hold onto it if you’re not storing it at one of your own facilities; storage for exhibits can be expensive.

Your company has decided to take on the significant investment of exhibiting at a trade show or event, so it’s critical that you put your best face forward. Worn and outdated displays don’t reflect well on your company. They can even turn off customers who seek out the trendiest and most inviting exhibits.