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June, 2014

32% Responses and Gifts

Curtis 1000’s eMarketing Solution Helps College Reach Fundraising Goals

  Innovative PURL earns 32.7% response rate Challenge: With over 50,000 alumni, our client faced the age-old problem of how to attain the current alumni contact information that is essential to maintaining ongoing communication with this vitally important audience. In order to engage its youngest alumni, the college was looking for a new solution to…
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June, 2014

12% to 14% Response Rates

University Harnesses the Power of Its Youngest Alumni with Creative Campaign

Project nets excellent 12% to 14% response rates Challenge: Our client is a university in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a powerful network of more than 60,000 alumni members across the globe. The Annual Funds Coordinator was seeking a new way to harness the considerable power of the schools’ youngest alumni. Flowing a Curtis 1000  workshop, the…
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